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Cuba, Havana Chinese district

Chinese district – Exoticism, Traditions and colors

Havana, Chinese district
Cuba, Havana, Chinese district

Many important cities in the world own a Chinese district and our beautiful Havana could not be back. In the middle of the Zanja street, on the heart of the capital, is our precious one and very concurred Chinese District.

The beginnings of Chinese immigration towards Cuba already count with more than 150 years.

The first chinese arrived at Havana on June 3rd. 1847, in the Oquendo boat. Altogether, in total  they were 206 oblique men of yellow complexion, eyes and with enigmatic watch, who came with the illusion to make money and to return to their land enriched.

But almost none of the made the dream come true. Time passed by, the income were few and in many cases the love touched to its doors, and such call, by regulating, represented marriage, children and a postponement, almost never, from the return to the village.

Certainly because of the taste to be together and between countrymen, the majority of these emigrants settled down in one of the most centric areas of Havana. The District got to be considered more like the greater amount of recognized population and of Latin America.

Nowadays, 400 members conform the original community, with an age average of 80 years old and one nourished descendant.
They still conserve in their language to say very peculiar, to perhaps refuse to accept, totally, an other people’s language. To listen to them is pleasant. And it is not either stranger who settles down an animated Chinese discussion.

This community was grouping itself in Associations of diverse character, brotherly, commercial and professional among others. Still today some of them with more than 100 years of existence. Also a pharmacy, a cinema and other facilities on watch and commerce work, besides the edition of a Newspaper in Chinese language.

Nowadays, to arrive at the Havanan Chinese District can be a unique experience

not only by the possibility of tasting exquisite plates decorated as Asian, but by the direct bonding with a wise and jealous culture of many secrets.

The entrance to the District represents a great inner door of typically Chinese constitution and several streets marked by the same culture can be crossed. There is possible to receive classes of Chinese language, to practice martial arts, to enjoy the good canton theater and to see the traditional Chinese medicine of millenarian experience and proven results.

You already know things, but others still to have to be discovered, I suggest you jump to live new experiences in our Chinese District.

The balconies of Havana

Haven’t you heard saying that Havana is the capital of love, the center of romance and the city of the tenderness? Then, don’t you let another person sto tell you!

Cuba, People live and share stories in old buildings balconies
Cuba, People live and share stories in old buildings balconies

When you walk through  Havana, under a blue sky of fantasy, abundant vegetation and surrounded by people always prepared to lavish hospitality, you will be already preparing yourself for the loving courtship. Because to conquer and to raise the winning stage of the heart, you will have to have look for an ideal scene for the fight. And it is there, in the scene, where I want to arrive, my  my grandmother use to repeat:

“a place for each thing and each thing in his place”

And the ideal place in Cuba is a balcony

The problem is  choosing it suitably. If your couple is is simple, friend of the detail and with no vanity, a simple balcony could satisfy him or her. Instead, if your couple is a little more demanding you could find a balcony with a rich artistic work in its exotic grates and many plants would be better. One of those balconies that go of end to end of the construction and until doubles the corner. But if his adored torment somewhat it is gotten depressed, bring him or her to a balcony with glass work of many colors, through which the sun makes magic. That it also owns view to the sea and a considerable height, thus will see smaller the conflicts.

In short, he chooses the balcony that better adjusts to its plan. He will not delay in finding it, because in there are them to Cuba by hundreds. It happens that as we lived in the Caribbean and we are an island, we always counted on the benefit of the marine breeze and where better to enjoy the fresh air that in a balcony?

It is until life one becomes different when observes it to one from above, from where watching the champions.